For over 25 years,
Style Crest Logistics
has been the most
trusted name in
integrated warehousing
and transportation
services in and around northwest Ohio.



























This is a people business

We listen. We pay attention. We solve problems. That’s how we build longstanding, valuable relationships with our customers.
We work to bring order to a fast-moving, disorderly world.
Style Crest Logistics offers a full range of solutions in integrated warehouse, transportation, and value-added services, all scalable to your needs.

Apparel manufacturers
Food packaging film manufacturers
Appliance manufacturers
Glass packaging producers
Automotive aftermarket
Health care durable goods suppliers
Bakeries, confections and decorative
food manufacturers
Molded plastics manufacturers
Building material suppliers
Packaged foods manufacturers
Electrical utilities
Pet food suppliers

Our values

Service-driven – We’re here to help you serve your customers better and more cost-effectively. We provide complete support for service excellence, from cutting-edge inventory technology to staff training in best practices, industry quality initiatives and safety programs.

Highly skilled – Our people are our greatest assets. Warehouse associates have strong American Institute of Bakers (AIB) and Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) backgrounds and receive ongoing training. With low staff turnover rates, our years of workforce stability and longevity has built an invaluable body of specialized experience. That, in turn, translates into robust customer service, excellent safety records, lower insurance rates, reliable inventory and reduced costs.

Equipped for success – To maximize efficiency, responsiveness and value to our customers, we equip our operations with the most cost-effective technology, the most productive processes, and the most reliable equipment.

Our five, fully equipped facilities are ready to turn your problems into opportunities.


Style Crest Logistics was founded in 1982. We come by our knowledge and experience honestly – our warehousing and logistics services grew from the demands of our own manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Style Crest Logistics is part of the Style Crest family of companies which manufactures fiberglass steps, entrance systems and railings, and vinyl siding products for the residential, manufactured home and remodeling industries.